Yellow boxfish, but blue

Very male yellow boxfish
Very male yellow boxfish

icône de menuthis page /en/diving-picture-1076 in frenchPhoto by Jeannik Brunella - on 06/10/15
Ostracion cubicus
Cathédrale - Ifaty - Madagascar -
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Very male yellow boxfish.

The dive site : Cathédrale

Right in the middle of the north pass, the coral fell down in canyons, arches, bridges, caves, holes... in which live a lot of snappers; and in a huge cuvette where schools of 'lutjans bossus' (Lutjanus gibbus) draw changing and fascinating shapes. While we go from chapell to crypt, an inquiring humphead wrasse follows us, above the voult. A grouper, as motionless as a gisant, hidden under rock, watches us. The relief and the fishes you see give to the dive -rare, for the north pass is not an easy one ; we should have the best sea and tide conditions- a really specific atmosphere.


Ostracion cubicus

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