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Here come a few photos to give you a foretaste of what you're going to see here. Most of them are pretty old now, all this needs quite a solid refresh!

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A few galleries as an introduction

Painted frogfish?

Our favorite customers

Well, we should have a camera but.. one has been stolen, two have been drowned, one has burnt. So we take a break and let now our customers testify to what they saw with us.
Have a look on this images : Fabrice Rozier, Andre Patschke, Corine Diacon, Merjin Heijnen, Tobias Schlamp, Véronique Dunier,
2019 humpback whales season

Whales and other marine mamals

Have a look on this images : Megaptera novaeangliae, Orcinus orca, Grampus griseus,
Thornback cowfish

The night dives

A fairy tale full of freaks! As an absolute fan of the night diving, Fabrice Rozier, is the main contributor of this gallery...
Blue-and-yellow grouper

The diving trips

We go for two, three, four or more days along the vezo coast, between Mangily and Morombe. At the beginning it was not so easy, not enough dive sites, not enough nice places to stay at night... Well, now, we're on! diving for everybody, experienced or not, coral, ship wrecks, macro, big fish and stops at various prices but always very beautiful and moving.

A first dive in a roses garden

Mangily beach low tide

Madagascar National Parks, april 2017

Madagascar National Parks avril 2017
Coelacantus fished at Firenemasay : anal fin


One morning of february 2009, a small piroque beached at Mangily, right in front of the dive centre. The old man who got off was offering us a big fish he had caught, he said, off Fiherenamasay, a village north of Manombo. I had already bought some fish so I refused but the astonishment of the boatmen, who didn't know this fish, led me to have a look on it. A kind of a primary grouper, with already decomposing flesh. After two minutes of perplexity, we understood that it could be the famous coelacanthus, the resurrected fossil fish, the most famous Lazarus taxon. We knew that at least two coelacanthus had been fished out in the bay of Saint-Augustin, south of Toliara. Here are some pictures we have shot that day. Later, eminent scientists blamed us for not having measured and weighed it, and determined its gender, for not having done what they would have done. Yes, true, we hadn't realized the importance of it. We do regret it. We advised the fisherman to take the coelacanthe to Ifaty, to the Reef doctor NGO where marine biologists were working. We haven't heard any more of it.
Flat worm on sea cucumber

Sea slugs and flat worms

The mostly found nudibranches around here are phyllidiaes and chromodoris, but we see many other species, of all shapes and colors, sometimes hard to identify. And how many more we just don't see, we, I mean divers like me, looking around in the blue more than close on the ground, more wide-angle than macro. But many divers are fascinated by sea slugs and worms : one barracuda and I once watch for over five minutes before he noticed us, a diver lost in the contemplation of a motionless flat worm. We could have been blue whales.
Mangily - Woman in beauty

Mangily city