Shop, boat and dive equipment

Wetsuits, bcds, regulators, fins, masks, snorkels, computers, lights, and so on.

There is no dive shop around the corner where we can buy spare parts. We have to import them from abroad, and well manage the stocks. The small size of our structure make easier the taking care of the equipment, and we better take care of it because so far away from the dive industry.


We mostly go through lagoons, so we need light boats, with no tirant d'eau ; nevertheless able to face the big sea, when we have to get out, between lagoons, before big rivers mouths... Our motorboats are perfectly fit for safely diving in Ifaty or in safari. That is to say : just have fun !

We use two seven meters motorboats (XMC-24 and Argos 700) with : outboard engines,VHF, GPS,all the safety equipment.

The outboard engines range from 15 to 60 CV and are used according to the task - diving, whalewatching or dive trip.

And we have a glass bottom boat, too, for those willing to enjoy the lagoon without getting wet.

The glass bottom boat the nofy, xmc 24, diving boat The atimoo diving  boats
The boats of the Atimoo diving center
Atimoo plongée Madagascar BCDs
Atimoo diving BCDs

Dive equipment

Because we are far away from the dive industry, we use a simple and reliable equipment we can easily take care of. We can take eight divers and two dive masters/instructors underwater simultaneously.

Atimoo plongée Madagascar regulators
The diving regulators
  • 12 cubic meters BAUER compressor
  • Mobile 6 cubic meters BAUER and COLTRI compressors
  • short 12 liters tanks but also 6 and 15 liters
  • MARES regulators
  • MARES shorty and 2 pieces wet suits
  • Fins, masks, snorkels, weight belts, lamps...
  • Oxygenotherapy.