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Get experience with the Advanced Open Water

in five specific dives

The madagascar national parks students learn to put all the diving gear together
Two divers in a controled ascent
The WWF students and the Atimoo Diving flag
Diving initiation in swimming pool
WWF dive students happy to go diving
Before that, it was the open water diver course

The course

PADI Dive resort

The advanced open water course is intended to give you experience, new skills, and a better underwater ability, diving in specific conditions.

You'll be able with this certification to dive down to 30 meters, anywhere in the water part of this planet.

As there's no better school than practice, we offer you to complete this course with five or ten dives passes at very low prices..

It is a 3, 4 or 5 days session. You must : be 12 years old at least , be an open water diver (or similar) .

The course consists in 2 obligatory specific dives, underwater navigation and deep dive, and in 3 other specific dives : night dive , drift dive , peak performance buoyancy, which seem the most interesting to us and for you - more useful skills to learn, and more fun.

Diver surfacing after a night dive
Claudia night diving

Before each dive, we study together the specifities and the dangers of it. You complete a knowledge review questionnary. Then we plan and dive together .

You can practice right away your new skills, get more experience, with our 5 or 10 special advanced open water dives passes..

Current price of course, including certification : 1,550,000Ar /344€


You can learn all the theory an take the examns of the Advanced Open Water Diver course at home, by internet, thanks to the PADI eLearning. Click the link and just let it go!

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After that comes the rescue diver course