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The Open Water Diver's got the key

of scuba diving and underwater world

WWF dive students happy to go diving
The madagascar national parks students learn to put all the diving gear together
The WWF students and the Atimoo Diving flag
Diving initiation in swimming pool
Two divers in a controled ascent
before that, it was your first immersion

Why and how?

PADI Dive resort So now you're in. And you want to stay in, not to hold any instructor hand, keep going by yourself...discovering the underwater world...

As a PADI Open Water Diver, you'll be able to dive as deep as 18 meters in any ocean of this world, just by showing your certification card

Once certified, you won't be the best diver in the world, but you'll know all the keys you need to become a very good diver.

You 'll be able to dive in most of this world dive sites.

It's a 4 to 5 days session. Everybody can become a Open Water Diver, just have to be 10 years old at least.

Three steps :

1- First skills in confined water : 5 sequences in the lagoon (depth between 3 and 5 meters)or pool practicing skills you need as a diver.

2- Knowledge development : it will give you all the keys to understand scuba diving and dive safely. You'll study five sections, by yourself, with the help of a "GO DIVE" manual and the Open Water Diver Video.
The acquisition of the knowledge is validated by a quick quizz and a knowledge review.

3- Open water dives : you'll make 4 open water dives and discover marvels of our big coral reef. These dives last 35 to 45 mn. The first two won't go under 12 meters. The next two will take you to 18 meters. During the open water dives, we'll take 15 mn practicing skills.

You'll receive a log book to keep a memory of all these dives, and of all the innumerable next ones !

Current price : 1,975,000Ar /439€


You can learn all the theory an take the examns of the Open Water Diver course at home, by internet, thanks to the PADI eLearning. Click the link and just let it go!

Sign up for our PADI Open Water Diver eLearning now!

After that one, go for the advanced open water course!