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Night dive in the bay of Ranobe

exceptional flora and fauna of the lagoon of Ifaty

Green mushroom coral, polyp out, by night
Coriocella jayi by night
Ermit crab by night
Camposcia retusa by night
pencil sea urchin by night

jean-Pierre, night dive in Ifaty We have been nightdiving inner lagoon for long now, at the Massif des Roses, Vatosoa or Coral Garden, in safe and well-known places. We love everything about it, the atmosphere on boat and underwater, the different, or seen in a different way, fauna and flora, hunting squids and moray eels, strolling crabs, shells and lobsters, spanish dancer showing off, different and strange - we don't even have names for many of them, we sometimes don't even know what it is (sponge? sea-squirt? nudibranch? seastar?)- for instance this beautiful prosobranch - the explosion of colors, and then the going up to stars, the way back to shore in a luminescent plankton water...
We are lucky enough to have Fabrice Rozier often night diving with us. His excellent pictures, photos and videos help a lot when it comes to species identification, as well as DORIS (in french).
If the weather and sea conditions allow it, we can night dive outer lagoon, at Bevato or Cathedrale...

Night dive rate : 250000€

Night dive pictures