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Our rates for priceless moments

in euro and ariary nevertheless

2022 rates

Warning These rates can change anyday, according to the dollar rate exchange, oil price and the captain's greed, and this before we can access to our server and update them.
Check the updating or mail us!
Prices in euros are for information only and based on the exchange rate of 4500 ariary for one euro.


These rates include everything : equipment, guides, boat to the site... An 10 euros extra fee may be required for the transfer (boat or car) hotel diveshop hotel

Discover Scuba Diving 340,000Ar /76€Initiation in a swimming pool followed by a real dive.
Swimming pool initiation 140,000Ar /31€Initiation in a swimming pool, presentation of the equipment, first bubbles, first exercises.
first try 200,000Ar /44€45 minutes. One person one instructor.
bubble maker 180,000Ar /40€A child and an octopus. 35 minutes.
guided 200,000Ar /44€Inner or outer lagoon
double tank 350,000Ar /78€Inner or outer lagoon
night 220,000Ar /49€Enter a fairy tale!
6 guided dives pass 940,000Ar /209€ Individual. Including a night dive, up to you.
10 guided dives pass 1,500,000Ar /333€ Individual. Including a night dive, up to you.
Group or family pass 1,700,000Ar /378€ 12 dives for a group or a family of 2, 3 or 4 persons. Including a night dive, up to you.

The school

These rates include everything : equipment, guides, boat to the site, Dan insurance for open water and advanced students, logbook for open water students,etc.

kid scuba diver course 1,420,000Ar /316€for kids
scuba diver course 1,580,000Ar /351€to keep diving with your favorite instructor
open water course 1,820,000Ar /404€
scuba review 1,580,000Ar /351€Knowledge review and back to the underwater world
adventure diver 1,000,000Ar /222€Speciality course
advanced open water course 1,480,000Ar /329€More experience and allowed to 30m
rescue diver course 1,580,000Ar /351€how to manage emergencies
dive master course 2,160,000Ar /480€For rescue divers with 40 logged dives. Two weeks to one month formation * not including the PADI divemaster kit (about euros 250) nor the DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) option.
Fromopenwatertodivemaster pass 5,850,000Ar /1,300€Get all PADI certifications, from open water (or advanced) to dive master(owd, aowd, rd, efr, dm with dsd). a two months formation and immersion in the dive center everyday life * not including the PADI divemaster kit (about € 250). DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) option + € 90.
dsd option 380,000Ar /84€allows you to lead discover scuba diving as a divemaster
efr 680,000Ar /151€

Diving trips

For diving safaris to Anakao, Salary, Ambatomilo, Andavadoaka, Morombe ou ailleurs, contact us. It takes at least two personns to get a safari going.

Mangily Salary diving transfert 540,000Ar /120€ per person. A whole morning transfert from/to Mangily from/to Salary


These activities need at least 3 persons to get started.

whalewatching 180,000Ar /40€whalewatching, lasts between 2 h 30 and 4 hours
Randonnée palmée 90,000Ar /20€A whole morning, if you wish so
Fishing 335,000Ar /74€Half a day fishing, price not including gas.
a discovery of the Ranobe lagoon 400,000Ar /89€One day of guided discovering the Ranobe bay, from the mangrove to the coral reef, meeting the vezo people. Including snorkeling and picnic.
180,000Ar /40€As above, but half day