Diving in south-west Madagascar

What we are doing, with who and how, and who we are

ATIMOO plongée, scuba dive center and PADI dive resort, has been located for ten years now on the south-west coast of Madagascar, in the very heart of the Vezo country , 25 km north of Toliara, in the village of Mangily - Ifaty, bay of Ranobe.

From 2016, we operate at Salary, 60 km norther, where beautiful lagoons, never ending beaches and world class diving await you.

Small organization and willing to stay so, focusing on the quality of the diving and the truth of the human' experience, we can take and supervise simultanously ten personns underwater.

In diving trip, aboard, just before diving Sunrise at Ambatomilo Diving in a cathedral Malabar grouper in Bevato Ambatomilo beach Emperor Angel fish in Tortuga
Scuba diving south-western Madagascar


We offer numerous guided dives, for any level-skilled diver, night and day, in the bay of Ranobe (Mangily-Ifaty), the lagoon and its 'passes', and now off the Salary coast.

We are a PADI diving school, teaching personalized courses from SCUBA DIVER to DIVE MASTER.

We organize several days diving trips along this coast, fringed for over 400km with coral reefs. We dive then on rarely or never doven spots - for big fish, small fish, coral, old shipwrecks, caves -, and spend the night on shore, in hotels lost in tremendously beautiful landscapes. A few days hanging between sky, land and sea...

We get involved, via ngo like Fimihara, in the management of the Ranobe Bay, in order to protect this natural jewel for the benefit of all.

What you will see

Splendid specimens of common reef and pelagic fauna and flora of the Indian Ocean. especially big groupers, humphead wrasses, sting or eagle rays, baracudas, trevallys, turtles, nudibranchs, scorpion leaf fish ...

On diving trips, we can meet marlin or sailfish...

From july to september, you'll watch numerous humpback whales right off the lagoon. A young ecoguide trained by CetaMada will provide any information you may need before, during and after the big meeting. We can watch a lot of dolphins as well, pilot whales, southern right whales, false killer whales and even true ones...

humpback whale in Ifaty breaching humpback whales in Ifaty humpback and tail of whale in Ifaty
Whales on tour

The staff

The base : jean-Pierre, Stéphane, Samigo, Roland, Danz, Zama, a fully skilled crew that will take you to breathtaking underwater adventures, and share with you its passion for ocean, scuba diving and Madagascar...

Jean-Pierre Rausch, PADI OWSI #627243 Jean-Pierre Rausch, PADI OWSI #627243  and bannerfish The full team Carole Burkhard, PADI DM 975553 Jérome Bergon, PADI OWSI, and Samigo Carole Burkhard, PADI DM 975553 Samigo the reefer
Samigo, go, go, go! Stéphane Engel, PADI DM #638145 Stéphane Engel underwater, PADI DM #638145 Jérome Bergon, PADI OWSI Michel Martinez, PADI DM #966095 Carole Burkhard underwater, PADI DM 975553 Roland L'équipe ATIMOO au complet

Besides the permanent executives, you may dive with some old pupils of ours, friends dive master or instructors now, coming here to visit us and give us a fin.