Chromodoris africana - Chromodoris colemani - Omar Agis Saca - 28/10/06 - Madagascar

 Picture,  of Chromodoris africana - Chromodoris colemani  by Omar Agis Saca
African nudibranch and Coleman nudibranch
icône de menuthe /en/diving-picture-338 page in frenchPicture by Omar Agis Saca - lon 28/10/06
Chromodoris africana - Chromodoris colemani
Bevato - Ifaty - Madagascar -

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Three hundred meters off the reef, we go down to sand at 25 meters, at the bottom of a wall, where begins a long coral platter. Really rich and dense site. You can see over a short distance a big variety of species. Blue triggers and surgeons schools; java and honeycomb morays, longfin bannerfishes, parrotfishes, glassfishes, lobsters, octopus, morays and humphead wrasses, jacks, sometimes an eagle ray or a turtle...


Chromodoris africana

Wikipedia : Content under licence CC-BY-SA. Source : Article Chromodoris africana de Wikipedia (auteurs)


Chromodoris colemani

Wikipedia : Content under licence CC-BY-SA. Source : Article Chromodoris colemani de Wikipedia (auteurs)

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