Odontodactylus scyllaris - Franck Fischer - 12/06/08 - Madagascar

 Picture,  of Odontodactylus scyllaris  by Franck Fischer
Coloured mantis shrimp on sand
icône de menuthe /en/diving-picture-568 page in frenchPicture by Franck Fischer - lon 12/06/08
Odontodactylus scyllaris
Massif des Roses - Ifaty - Madagascar -

The site : Massif des Roses

A magnificent small coral reef, mostly roses (Montipora); a merry fauna full of love, crocodile fishes, clowns, longfin bannerfishes, butterflies, morays, lion fishes and so on... Not a deep dive (6 meters) in the lagoon, that is perfect for the first immersions and the bubble makers, and for more experienced divers too, for the big number of species we find here.

Since the first of june 2007, the 'Massif des Roses' is a protected area, after an agreement between local authorities and fishermen, thanks to the reef doctors, and with the support of the main diving centres of Mangily-Ifaty. Hoping the hotels and others tourist operators will join soon!


Odontodactylus scyllaris

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