Symmetrical glossodoris

Seaslug  Ardeadoris symmetrica
Seaslug Ardeadoris symmetrica

icône de menuthis page /en/diving-picture-823 in frenchPhoto by Tobias Schlamp - on 18/11/11
Ardeadoris symmetrica
Tortuga - Ifaty - Madagascar -
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Seaslug Ardeadoris symmetrica.

The dive site : Tortuga

Off the lagoon, right south of the south pass, a reef, between 27 and 17 meters, striped by two wide canyons. When we first dove there, we saw a lot of turtles. We still see turtles there, but no so many, not so often. Well, the name still there. You can find beautifull samples of the local fauna and flora, especially two really big javanese morays, blackspotted rays, batfishes, snappers, big lobsters, leaf fishes...


Ardeadoris symmetrica

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