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Video 83" - 2016-06-05 - Sphyraena jello (f) - Alohaloha - Salary - Madagascar -

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On the sand, at 27 meters, deux small rocky patches with shabby coral, a bigger norther, you think it is going to be a boring one. And then, madly scratching on the sand, two big snappers, three, lowfin rudderfishes, dizains, hundreds, trevallies joining the dance, bigeye, yellow-doted, and even one or more giant trevallies. You are caught in a magnificent sarabande, spiral from bottom to surface, while in your back are patroling pickhandle barracudas, Syphraena jello. Sometimes big tunas around. Once, a big black marlin came and revolve around us...


Sphyraena jello

Fishbase : Sphyraena jello

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