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Scuba diving in south west Madagascar


FMasked moray eel
Orange turbastrea on night dive
Whitemouth moray
Malabar grouper and diver

For over fifteen years we have been diving to discover the underwater life of the south west coast of Madagascar, in Ifaty and now Salary, night and day, or in several days diving trips. For over fifteen years we have been training divers from the first step to professional level through PADI cursus ( Open Water Diver, Advanced open Water Diver, Rescue Diver) and for over fifteen southern winters we have been going to watch the humpack whales migrating in the Mozambic channel. Our life is made of gorgeous dives, great meetings, intense moments shared underwater, on the surface as well as ashore, stops in small Vezo villages or classy lodges, beautiful and convivial, always in somptuous landscapes of lagoons, dunes, coral reefs, burning skies,... sea.

Atimoo online

You may know us better by browsing our website, where structure, activities and rates, among others, are detailed. Please ask us if you need more information.

You can follow - in french - our actuality of formations, night dives, dive trips, Salary Tsiandamba dive transferts, on our Facebook page logo facebook.

Images galleries

Get a picture of the place, the team, of what you can expect underwater, browsing our galleries. Keep in mind they show only a small part of it. Pictures mostly shot by our favorite customers, in waters of the vezo coast, from the bay of Ranobe to Tsiandamba, Salary or Ambatomilo. They may not be of the best quality but they testify to the fauna and flora wealth (almost 300 species in pictures) and to the rough beauty of lagoons...

Latest published pics

31/10/20 - Raie pastenague - Bevato - Fabrice Rozier
Raie pastenague
31/10/20 Taeniura Limma Bevato
by Fabrice Rozier
31/10/20 - Taylor et la conque - Bevato - Fabrice Rozier
Taylor et la conque
31/10/20 Charonia tritonis Bevato
by Fabrice Rozier
31/10/20 - Poisson scorpion tête rouge - Bevato - Fabrice Rozier
Poisson scorpion tête rouge
31/10/20 Scorpaenopsis oxycephala Bevato
by Fabrice Rozier
18/07/20 - Poisson scorpion feuille orange - Bevato - fabrice Rozier
Poisson scorpion feuille orange
18/07/20 Taenianotus triacanthus Bevato
by fabrice Rozier
Coriocella jayi
Jewel in a night dive : Coriocella jayi

ATIMOO Plongée

PADI dive resort
Mangily-Ifaty beach- BP 214 - TOLIARA 601 - MADAGASCAR
email : - telephone : +261 34 02 529 17
Open all year long, all week long, all day long
Dive from €34 all included

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Your hotels in Mangily-Ifaty and Tsiandamba-Salary

We maintain a special relationship with these four hotels. In Mangily, we're set at 'La Bella Donna' hotel and have worked forever with 'Sur La Plage Chez Cécile'. We went in Salary (Tsiandamba)for 'Un Peu plus Au Nord...' and now the 'Five Senses' lodge. In different ways - and rates -, they give our divers very high quality accomodation in magnificent settings.

Bungalow of the Bella Donna hotel at sunset
Feet in the sea and the sunset

La Bella Donna

Mangily Ifaty

Bungalows on the beach and villa in a magnificent garden, the best cuisine in Mangily, electricity and hot water 24h. Coming soon, a swimming pool and more bungalows... And the best dive shop around : Atimoo!

Site web :

Skyview of 'Sur la plage chez Cécile' hotel
Skyview of the "Sur la plage chez Cécile" hotel

'Sur la plage chez Cécile' hotel logo Sur la plage chez Cécile

Mangily Ifaty

Less than one hundred meters from the dive shop, on the beach. Friendly, even festive atmosphere, excellent cuisine, clean bungalows. Undoubtedly the best value for money in town.

site web :

'Un peu plus au nord...' hotel bungalow
In some comfortable marine cave

'Un Peu plus au nord...' hotel logo Un Peu Plus Au Nord...

An extraordinary small hotel on the edge of the Salary lagoon. Four bungalows on the dune and two in the dry spiny forest, built with local material, forest stones, pebbles and driftwood from the lagoon. Gigantic table d'hotes. Cecile from the previous hoel manages it. Simplicity and friendlyness.

Site Web :

Five senses lodge loggia
Five senses lodge terrace

Five Senses Lodge logo

Hotel hanging over the lagoon, of very high standing, in a fascinating beautiful bay... Next bay to the 'Un peu plus au nord...' hotel. Scubadiving of course as well as kitesurf, towed buoy or traditional schooner cruise.

site web:


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